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Thursday, September 2, 2010


Me and Adelyn Apprehensive and thrilled don’t often find themselves as neighbors in the same sentence, yet those are the feelings I have fluttering around inside as I introduce myself as the newest WhipperChick. Apprehensive because I have a whole lot of respect for the Ladies who you already know and love, and Thrilled at the thought of sharing with you the things that make me happy.

While I’m a native to Las Vegas, Nevada, I do a tight rope wobble along the fine line of down home country girl and high style elegance. I love the feel of cotton quilted into an heirloom cover you’d love to snuggle under. In the same breath there is a deep appreciation for the design and style of the modern age. Somewhere in between is where you’ll find me, and I love it here!

I’m lucky enough to be married to a handsome hardworking man for the last ten years with four of the cutest little kids you could ever ask for. A sigh of contentment wells up in my breast every time I look at them. A majority of my time is spent weaving a nest worthy of such blessings and when there’s a quiet moment, I write, sew, cook, read and craft. I love being creative.

Writing is my main love, but I’ll admit right now I have a little thing for cooking. My best days involve whipping up something yummy for my little family. There’s nothing as cheering as the smell of homemade bread baking in the oven, a roast melting into tenderness in the Crockpot or chicken noodle soup bubbling on the stove. I’m really good at finding recipes that turn into family favorites and I love hunting for them.

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