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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Who are these WhipperChicks?


Heather[1]I’m Heather, the creator of WhipperBerry, mom of four super cute WhipperSnappers, wife to an amazingly handsome and incredibly tolerant man. They have to put up with all of my crazy whims and the mess that comes with it. I’m serious, the kitchen table has become not only a place for family gatherings, but a photo studio and design studio to boot. I am a WhipperChick with a primal need to create! WhipperBerry was created after the birth of my son. The poor kiddo has three older sisters and when I was pregnant with him I realized that girls are really catered to when it comes to fun, stylish baby accessories. Boys get nothing!! I then created a stylish line of car seat covers called WhipperKeepers in order to keep my new little guy safe, dry and protected from the elements.  I started my WhipperBerry Etsy shop and then needed something to promote the shop. An idea was born.  I decided to create a collaborative blog with my super cool and talented friends who also have the same primal need as mine.  We could meet together, in one spot, and share our creations and treasures with the world!  So there you have it, the birth of WhipperBerry!

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